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How End Fisheries


How End Fisheries


How End Fisheries is a purpose built facility created by the owner Phil Stone to be, what in his eyes, constitutes the ultimate in what a fishery should be about. More than anything, How End fisheries is a site for anglers, designed by an angler. From concept to design and build, Phil has been involved at every step to make sure that the resultant product is what anglers want. How End isn’t just your typical commercial stuffed to the brim with Carp. How End has been designed by a passionate pleasure and match angler for anglers of the same ilk. The whole complex is full of details that show you the thought that has gone into it. Hopefully, you’ll see on your visit that detail put into operation.How End fisheries has two separate lakes designed to be as fair as possible from a competitive view point while fitting harmoniously into the surrounding landscape. The car park sits neatly between the two allowing short walks to either without any requirement to lug your gear up ludicrously steep slopes or steps, while a tackle and bait shop and separate toilet facility containing both gents and separate women’s/disabled toilets, has been created from a converted barn in very short proximity to the car park too. The car park is sufficiently away from the main road to allow excellent security while also ,being behind a set of secure entrance gates, stops undesirables entering the premises.

The fishery itself was created from some existing meadow fields which were surrounded by trees bordering all sides. These trees, numbering over 200 and containing large numbers of Oak, Birch and Elms have been retained during the build to enable the fishery to look mature and already established, unlike some holes in the ground where the site is left open to the elements for years on end. Furthermore, views from the lakes are quite spectacular, and on some pegs the remains of Houghton House can be seen on the hill above, leading to a peaceful, pleasant natural environment to spend time in.

How End fisheries sells both day tickets and full yearly membership so why not come for a day, have a look and if you like it, take advantage of our great offers on membership prices and the benefits you'll receive as a season ticket holder

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