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Water End Fishery

Water End Fishery is our latest addition to the How End stable, which we took over late in 2021

As one of the oldest commercial fisheries in the area, Water End is well know throughout Bedfordshire. How End Fisheries are carrying out a comprehensive overhaul of the site with new Otter fencing, new platforms and a comprehensive re stocking going on. 

Works have ben completed on the first lake, Robbie's, which is now open to our members and visiting clubs with work on the other two lakes, Marley's and Martha's due to start later this year.


Robbie's Lake

Robbie's is a 33-peg canal lake that you can reach the far bank using a 13 metre pole on. Robbie's has a gently shelving margin on both banks that lead to a total depth of around 5 feet at its deepest.

Every peg is built on a solid base with comfortably large area to place your tackle on.

Robbie's is stocked with a huge amount of F1's, Carp, Ide, Skimmers and Barbel as well as the pre existing Rudd and, Perch and roach populations that were in place
Robbie's lake was comprehensively overhauled in 2021 and is now once again open to visiting clubs for match bookings and our own club members

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