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As local as you can get !!!

Phil Stone

About the Owners

Phil Stone, or ‘Pebs’ to the large number of anglers that know him, has fished since the ripe old age of 5 when his uncles decided to take him down to Cardington lock one day for a dabble. Despite falling in, Phil has grown evermore into the sport, as a born and bred Woottoner, Phil first started fishing with Kempston Angling Club competing in junior matches on the Ouse at Kempston, followed by entering the junior National before getting involved in serious team fishing with Arcade Angling in the late 90’s. Since then, Phil switched primarily to commercial fisheries, and enjoyed great success fishing across the country at a large number of different venues winning numerous matches along the way until he decided to build How End Fisheries in 2009.

Phil is married to Tarnya who forms the other half of the partnership in managing How End Fisheries and provides a welcoming personality to those visiting. She is also ably assisted by the fishery dogs who provide assistance wherever possible in sniffing out viable treats on offer. 

"Angling is far more than just catching fish, anyone with a small amount of patience and some basic knowledge can catch fish, being an angler is a far greater achievement that forms a lifestyle choice. Being a fishery owner is even more so, you are literally responsible for the well being of thousands of animals that live out their lives on your land. It gives huge pleasure to somehow be a part of nature and enable people to see into that world too on their visits. Nothing gives greater pleasure than watching a child catch their first fish and wonder at it and then see a Kite swoop down for a small fish off the surface. I'm truly lucky to be able to be part of something so fulfilling and I hope you enjoy your visit here as much as I enjoy seeing you here"



Pebs largest match weight is 253lb 10 ounces from Rolfs lake but he has enjoyed catching double tons at a number of other venues in the country. By far his greatest achievement though was catching 132lb of Chub and one rogue Barbel in a 5-hour stint at Biddenham on the Ouse back in 2011. He still looks upon 20lb of Roach as much more enjoyable fishing than 100lb of Carp.

While enjoying fishing commercials, Phil has a great love for the natural side of things, and it's this love of nature that urged Phil into purchasing West View in the hope of building his own fishery. How End fisheries is the resulting product, which spans Phil’s greatest wish of having excellent fishing combined with a natural environment that has been produced by anglers, for anglers.

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