How End Fisheries has been built for the specific purpose of creating a site dedicated to angling and all things related to it. For this reason, we have put in place a set of rules designed to create a harmonious, fair and safe place to indulge in your passion. Some rules may seem draconian, but are there for the safety of yourself or the fish, and as such, are deemed vital. Anyone joining the club or buying a ticket to fish on the fishery is deemed to have accepted the rules and is therefore bound by them.

RED RULES - Any rule below highlighted in red that is broken will result in the angler concerned being asked to leave the fishery with immediate effect, FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN A FISHERY BAN.

Coronavirus Update

Please read before attending the fishery.

We believe in the current circumstances, fishing still represents a sensible way of getting out while naturally enforcing social distancing. Therefore, following on from the recent Government announcements, How End Fisheries would like all our customers to be aware of the following:

• You must phone Tarnya to book a peg and order bait/tackle on 07711637338 prior to attending.

• Opening hours are now strictly 8AM - 5PM (including members.) Please try where possible to arrive before 10am. You must phone on arrival as normal.

• Our landing nets must always be used. These will be disinfected before use and are situated outside the tackle shop. Please drop them back in the dip tank after use.

• Under no circumstance should anglers go onto another angler’s peg. Please stay on the path, this maintains a safe social distance between you. The pegs are a minimum of 10 metres apart, so you are safe to talk and fish on pegs that are next to each other. You must clear all rubbish when leaving, if rubbish is left on your peg, you will not be allowed back due to risk of cross-infection

• Toilets – The urinals will be open for one person at a time. The main toilet will only be opened on request to allow for cleaning. You must bring your own toilet roll. Hand wash is available. This allows us to keep hygiene to the maximum.

• The shop will be open and you are now allowed to enter, however, under the government Covid guidelines, you must wear a face mask when in the shop at all times. Please use cards for payment where possible so that contactless can be used. We will be removing our £10 minimum charge rule over the next few weeks to help. You must maintain social distance while queueing at the shop, please use the floor markings in order to do so.

Lastly and most importantly under no circumstances break any of the rules above. We do not take safety lightly for either our patrons or our staff. Anyone deemed to be breaking the rules will be asked to leave. The above is in place for everyone’s safety. Coronavirus is not selective!



Absolutely no personal nets (landing or keepnet) allowed on site at any time; please only use the fishery landing nets and fishery keepnets if you wish to keep fish during your visit.  You may only use keepnets if you're fishing a match or are a member. You must use at least two at any time – All Carp and Barbel to be in one net, all other fish in the other (Crucians DO NOT count as Carp). Note: there is a 50 lb limit on the use of keepnets; anything over in one net will automatically count as 50lb only unless you exceed 60lb where the whole net will be disqualified. If you are found to have more than 50lb in a net while pleasure fishing, you will be warned. Fish must not in keepnets for longer than a 6 hour period at any point. For matches, 2 keepnets and a landing net will be supplied for each angler and spares are freely available should you have a bumper day.

Please note we also do not allow anything that is not provided by the fishery to come into contact with the fish for fear of contamination. Therefore, please do not bring WEIGH NETS, UNHOOKING MATS or anything else that you may want to put the fish on or in, onto the fishery grounds. KHV and other fish diseases are very real and can easily be transferred from fishery to fishery via nets and mats. Do not endanger our fish, please unhook the fish in the landing net provided and if you wish to take photos, place on the soft grass behind every peg and hold close to the ground in case the fish slips out of your grasp. Looking after our fish is of utmost importance to us and we will not tolerate any abuse of them. If you are unsure of how to handle fish, please feel free to talk to the owners who will gladly provide you with advice on the correct procedure.


Allowed baits are maggots, casters, hemp, tares, sweetcorn (one normal size tin (1/2 pint) per match/session), fishery pellets, worms (1 kilo = 3pints) groundbait (1 kilo per match/session) and bread (3 slices only). The only pellets allowed to be fed are fishery only, which are fairly priced and easily available from the fishery owners. No other feed pellets are permitted, although there are no restrictions on the use of hooker pellets. Hooker pellets that are fed as feeder pellets are seen as an infringement to the rules. Furthermore, How End allow the use of boilies as a hook bait ONLY. Bait limit for sessions/matches is strictly 1.5 pints per hour of any allowed baits.
ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER BAITS ALLOWED – the use of any sort of meat will result in an instant ban. ABSOLUTELY NO FLOATING BAITS ALLOWED AT ANY TIME.

Hooks and Line

Hooks must be barbless, not crimped barb or any other sort of micro/whisker barb, and must be no larger than a regular size 12. Note, regular checks will be carried out on hooks, if you are found to be using barbed hooks, you will be asked to leave the fishery.
No Braided line or hook lengths whatsoever.


Please be aware that the fishery has a strict 14.5 mtr limit on pole length (manufacturer stated) If the manufacturer concerned has been less than accurate when measuring said pole, I suggest you buy another pole.
Elastic is restricted to a size 12 solid/black hydro equivalent, sensible elastic use is required and the owner expects to see a reasonable amount of elastic out when fish are being played. The use of a float when using the pole is mandatory and there must be a maximum of 3 feet of line between the pole tip and the float bar the use of whips that are 6mtr or less. Furthermore, poles must not be used for ledgering or feeder fishing in any format. The use of a pole float above such feeder/ledger tactics is not an excuse.


All maggot/groundbait feeders must be completely free running and of a swivel variety (Guru micro lead clips allowed) and have a minimum 12” hooklength. Inline feeders of any sort are strictly banned 


We have no litterbins, it is your responsibility to dispose of your rubbish, if you are found to have left litter on site you will not be allowed to return to the fishery.


The site opens its gates at 8:00 am weekends and 8:15 am Mon-Fri and shuts at 5 pm, there will be no fishing outside these hours unless pre arranged with the owner. The fishery is open from May 1st to March 31st each season; there is no access to the site in the month of April.

Peg Use

Only fish from permanent numbered pegs and do not transport your fish from one peg to another or between lakes. On no account can you reserve a peg for anyone. Only two rods to be used in any peg at any one time. When moving around the fishery please stick to cut path areas only, do not enter any of the meadow areas


Only registered OAPS and juniors at the age of 14 or under are allowed to fish on concession tickets. Juniors must be accompanied at all times by an adult unless by prior appointment. If you wish to purchase a concession ticket please have proof of age available.

Common Sense

How End prides itself on being a tranquil place to spend time in stunning surroundings. To that extent, we will not allow anti social behavior of any sort on site. This includes the use of loud radios, shouting, swearing or abusive behavior, using or setting up of barbeques, casting into another anglers swims and so on. No fish to be taken from or introduced to any of our waters. Only drive on the roads and park in the car park, there is a strict 5mph speed limit on the site due to animals, make sure you abide by it. Please stick strictly to the cut pathways when walking.

Sporting Rule

Barring all the above, if any angler is deemed to be acting in a manner deemed to be unsporting or derogatory to his fellow anglers or the fishery itself, he will be warned or instantaneously banned with no refund of their ticket – The fishery prides itself on being a safe, clean and pleasant place to spend time, we will not tolerate unsociable behavior of any sort !!

Lastly, as mentioned, How End rules are based upon sensible controls which will ensure you have an enjoyable day without suffering any antisocial behavior. There are, of course, always those that will seek to bend rules to suit themselves. How End will use the Sporting rule to deal with any such transgressions, and reserves the right to change rules if necessary, with immediate effect.