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Fancy booking a match at How End?? Read below to find out how

Match Bookings

You are welcome to book competitions at How End on either lake throughout the How End season.

Matches at How End are generally won with weights from 80lb up to 250lb although we have had weights pushing 500lb before. On Dani's, most matches are won with Carp with winning weights usually being between 125 and 275lb in the Summer. On Yasi's, mixed bags of Carp, Barbel and Ide are what is usually required to frame with winning weights in the Summer usually between 100 to 200lb. All nets, both keepnets and landing nets are provided for competitions, you do need to bring your own landing net handles however.

Dani's lake has 20 pegs available to fish if required although we recommend you generally use up to 17, Yasi's has 17 pegs. We generally suggest you try and book as far in advance as possible, especially for Sunday's which are usually booked a year in advance, please email if you wish to book a lake

We also regularly run mini festivals when requested and can organise facilities locally for breakfasts and staying over

Match tickets and guest tickets for members are sold as per day tickets. All match bookings will be advertised on the fishery web site for anglers information , please have a look at the 'What's On' tab to avoid disappointment.


Note: between May 1st and October 31st, we generally will only allow full lake bookings for matches on Sundays on the lakes. Lake prices are as follows:
Yasi’s (17 pegs) £155.00
Dani’s (20 pegs) £160.00

If you wish to book a match at How End Fisheries, please be aware of the rules posted elsewhere on the site. It is very important that other anglers you are booking matches on behalf of are fully aware of the rules of the fisheries as we regularly carry out checks, especially important are those relating to nets and pellets. Neither of which are allowed on site unless specifically from the fishery. Both keep nets and landing net heads are included as part of your match fee. Any hooker pellets are OK but ONLY fishery feed pellets are allowed to be fed.

Match Images

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