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How End Fisheries

Bedfordshire's Premier Fishery

Designed by Anglers, for Anglers.



How End Fisheries is a purpose-built facility created by the owner Phil Stone to be in his eyes, the ultimate fishing experience. From concept to design and build, Phil has been involved at every step to make sure that the resultant product is what anglers want – How End isn’t just your typical commercial stuffed to the brim with Carp. The fishery has been designed by a passionate pleasure and match angler with anglers of the same ilk in mind and is full of details that show you the thought that has gone into it. How End Fisheries has two separate lakes designed to be as fair as possible from a competitive viewpoint while fitting harmoniously into the surrounding landscape. The car park sits neatly between two short walks to each lake without any need to lug your gear up steep slopes or steps.

Following its original creation, How End Fisheries has now matured into a stunning place to spend a day or more with a wide variety of specimen fish to indulge your passion in.

It also boasts a tackle and bait shop with separate toilet facilities containing both gents and women’s/disabled toilets, both of which being in short proximity to the car park. Furthermore, your vehicle safety has been taken into account with the car park being a sufficient distance from the main road secured by entrance gates to stop unwanted visitors.


How End Fisheries was created in 2010 from existing meadow fields which were surrounded by trees bordering all sides. These trees, numbering over 300 and containing large numbers of Oak, Sycamore, Silver Birch and Elms have matured to give a stunning backdrop to the lakes. Views from the lakes are now quite spectacular, and on some pegs the remains of the historic Houghton House can be seen on the hill above.

If you're a fan of the natural side of things, then a visit to How End will guarantee some amazing sights, whether it's watching our resident Summer Swallows feeding off the surface of the lakes or the Red Kites that are always gliding overhead, the birdlife is simply incredible

How End also actively encourage nature and has strict rules around access to the lakes, nature is very much allowed to do its thing and anglers are encouraged to stick to cut paths, such that the meadows are allowed as much space as possible to give nature a helping hand 



How End fisheries sells both day tickets and full yearly membership so why not come for a day, have a look and if you like it, take advantage of our great offers on membership prices and the benefits you'll receive as a season ticket holder

Information about Membership

Please look at our membership page before creating an account. 

When creating an account on our website, please note it will not be accepted onto our system if you have not joined the club as a member of our fishery.


Fishery Rules

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